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Sosido named finalist for Australian pharma award

Updated: Apr 21, 2023

From Cancer Nurses Society of Australia Media Release (Sydney, August 16 2018) — CNSA initiative recognised by Industry awards body — The CNSA-Sosido platform, a CNSA initiative supported by Roche Australia, has been nominated as a finalist at this year’s PRIME Awards.

These awards are considered a benchmark for recognising excellence in marketing, education and support initiatives across the Australian pharmaceutical and healthcare industries.

The ongoing initiative is a collaboration between the Cancer Nurses Society of Australia Ltd (CNSA), Sosido (the developers of the platform), Roche Australia (provision of sponsorship grant to develop and run the platform), and Swipe Health (coordination between all stakeholders to deliver the initiative).

Sosido provides an effective way for CNSA to communicate important announcements and keep members updated with the latest research impacting their practice, whilst fostering a community where members can crowdsource information, discuss trending topics and network with peers.

An impressive 1,530 CNSA members and followers are currently on the Sosido platform, and engagement has surpassed expectations. This is highlighted by the Q&A forum, which has seen almost 200 posts in the past year alone, generating helpful and insightful discussion amongst hundreds of members.

With the challenge of Australia’s geography being so spread out, the CNSA platform has found a way to bring their vast community of members closer together.

“We’ve received great feedback from our members regarding the Sosido platform” said Sonja Cronjé, Chief Executive Officer of CNSA. “We’d particularly like to thank Roche Australia for their support to help make this happen for our community of cancer nurses”.

The award winners will be announced in Sydney on 20 September.

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