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Sosido and Elsevier partner to provide PracticeUpdate in your Sosido digest

Updated: Apr 21, 2023

PracticeUpdate’s Editorial Board of internationally-recognized experts filters through hundreds of new articles each week, hand-selecting the papers most important in your specialty area, and providing commentary on how that research may impact your clinical practice.

Sosido members have been provided with open access to the PracticeUpdate site, so when you click through from the Sosido digest, you won’t have to log in. If you’d like more from PracticeUpdate, you can register for free.

You’ll start to see PracticeUpdate content in your digests over the coming weeks. You’ll still receive all the features of Sosido that you’re familiar with: a weekly summary of your group members’ publications (tracked automatically), news and notices from your group, discussion forum, and abstracts from your chosen journals.

P.S. The other reason we’re excited about our partnership with Elsevier, is that it allows Sosido to expand! If you’re connected with an association or research group that might be interested in joining Sosido’s growing network (now with over 14,000 clinicians and researchers from 30 groups) please email

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