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New Sosido is here!

Updated: Jan 19

Hello Sosido members,

On June 16th, 2023, Sosido launched a new and improved version of its site.

What's new?

We think you're going to love it:

  • Automatic login: Now you can simply click on a link from your Sosido email digests or email notices and you'll be automatically logged into your Sosido account. No passwords. No login screens. Learn more

  • Improved Q&A: You'll notice new features in the Q&A, like the ability to add images to your questions and answers, attach multiple files, reply to a reply to a reply, and more.

  • Modern design, mobile-friendly: Our new site has a modern, colourful, intuitive design, optimized for mobile so you can read articles, ask questions, answer anywhere, on the go.

  • New home page & FAQs: Have a look at to learn more about Sosido. Review common questions in our FAQ section.

  • More to come: Over the summer we'll be rolling out more new features, like multilingual UI (starting with French), and community landing pages. Stay tuned.

What have we kept the same?

All the features you know from the last version of Sosido are still available in New Sosido, including:

  • Weekly Sosido email digests: You'll still receive your weekly summary of member publications, discussions and news from your communities, as well as abstracts from your chosen journal sources. Learn more

  • Automatic tracking of member publications: We'll still automatically track and feature the publications of all community members. As always you'll receive an email notice when your new publication has been posted on Sosido, and your publication will be featured in the next email digest. Learn more

  • Q&A forum: You'll still be able to discuss practice and research questions with your colleagues in your community's private Q&A forum. As always you'll receive an email notice for new questions and new replies, and all discussions will be featured in the weekly Sosido email digests. All previous discussions will be available in New Sosido. Learn more

What do you need to do now?

Nothing, we've got you covered. All of your account and profile information has been brought over from the previous version of Sosido, including your publications, your activity in the Q&A, and even your password. You'll receive your first Sosido digest from the new site on Wednesday, June 21st.

We're so excited to share this new and improved verson of Sosido with you and we look forward to your feedback. The Sosido Team



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