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CBMTG Announces Launch on Sosido

Updated: May 16, 2023

  1.  You will receive live feeds on key knowledge sources important to CBMTG members, e.g., articles in press from BBMT Journal, updates from ASH, advisories/recalls through Health Canada, etc. CBMTG will set default feeds, then you can add or change feeds to fit your practice and your interests.

  2. You can choose to follow events, resources or members then receive updates on their activities.

  3. You can discuss practice issues: post questions for specific groups of members, provide answers and participate in polls. You will be sent a summary of all new activity on your discussions.

  4. You will receive a regular email summary of activity on the network, including updates from your knowledge feeds, and events, resources, members and discussions relevant to you. If you don’t have time to check the site, anything that’s important will come to your inbox.

  5. Next steps: An Early Users Group will be formed in February 2011 (invitation to follow). For more information on the Sosido project, please contact or



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