Asia-Pacific Journal of Oncology Nursing October 02, 2018
Asia Pac J Oncol Nurs. 2018 Oct-Dec;5(4):408-414 Objective: This study aimed to identify the needs for home care of patients with prostate cancer. Methods: A correlational descriptive study was conducted with 116 patients with prostate cancer who were admitted to a university hospital. The data were collected usingby means of surveys developed by the researchers. The analysis was carried outperformed with SPSS 20, using the t- test, Chi-square, post hoc test, and logistic regression. Results: It was found that the level of need for home care was high among the patients who had low education level and were residing in villages with a nuclear family. In addition, the level of need for home care increased among the patients who were in the recurrence phase of their illness, who had somebody in the family to meet the need for home care, and who had other family members in need of care. It was found that the level of the need for home care was high among patients whose lives were severely affected by prostate cancer and who considered their health to be poor. Within this context, it is advisable for medical staff to include training and consultancy services in their caring process to promote patient independence. Conclusions: It was found that patients with prostate cancer have some needs for home care. The professional medical staff in this field should carry out studies to define the needs for home care that will be a benefit in improving men's health. PMID: 30271824 [PubMed]

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